Greenqueens is the creative agency behind the Belgian brands Froy & Dind, Munoman, Onnolulu, Green ZOO and Aikoo. We have been a pioneer in honest, sustainable, ecological and beautiful fashion since 2011.

Greenqueens is a small-scale family business that can respond quickly to opportunities. We don’t depend on large, complex decision-making structures so that we can guarantee and implement our principles of sustainability, quality and honesty everywhere ourselves.

We design all our fabrics in our own studio in Antwerp. This way we are not only 100% sure of the quality and the ecological way of production, we also guarantee you unique prints that you will only find at our brands.

We resolutely choose for top quality. Because we are really convinced that clothing should last much longer than one season. We want you to enjoy our sustainable fashion for years, so we consciously choose for a smart combination of cheerful prints and timeless designs and cuts.

Because beautiful fashion that is made in good working conditions in a sustainable, ecological way is possible. We prove that every day. And we do that with a lot of passion and pleasure.

Discover our brands and be convinced.

Because together we can really make a difference.

Green Queens
Together Sustainable since 2011.