Made from recycled PET bottles

Cheerful, sustainable bags for happy kids.

Cheerful kids deserve cheerful bags. At least, that’s how we think about it at Aikoo. So every season we listen to the wonderful stories of our own children and use that inspiration to make the bags that we ourselves would have loved as a child. For the 2020 collection, we chose proud horses, brave zebras, cool chameleons, sweet lemurs and cute foxes. A favorite for everyone! 

Aikoo always provides the full range of book bags and pencil bags, but your kids can plan stylish sleepovers as well with our beautiful suitcases and matching toiletry bags. To say the least, they will shine with pride, those kids!

And whether they can show off with their new bags from Aikoo. Because it is quite something to be proud of if you opt for sustainable bags that are made from recycled plastic bottles and are produced in fair conditions. And so Aikoo bags are like all our brands: they tell a story. A nice story about a better future for us all. Will you let your children spread the story?

Aikoo is available in numerous clothing stores in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

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