Green Zoo

We created our Green Zoo brand to meet the rising demand for simple,
comfortable and
natural underwear and basics.
This fits well with our ‘fit for everyday life’ motto.
Basics and
underwear are items you wear all day, every day,
in bamboo and organic cotton.

We bring to this our trademark magic.
High quality, handmade. Eco and fair.
A wide range of
for newborn, child, woman and man.

By choosing the newest, closed loop production methods
to make the bamboo fiber, our
clothes have become
a very eco-friendly product.

Because bamboo is a fast growing plant that
needs no pesticides to thrive it can be harvested three times a year.

Its natural fiber is comfortable, stretchy,
breathable, anti-allergenic, highly absorbent, antibacterial
and above all...
eco friendly!

Underwear & basics for men, women and kids.
All eco & fair!

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Collection available december 2018
B2B site will be online soon!

check out the online catalogue here


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