eco & fair

The Green Queens philosophy

We only use sustainable materials such as organic cotton,

bamboo, tencel and recycled PES.
All our cotton is organic, most of it is GOTS certified.
All our clothing is fairly produced in Turkey and Portugal.

CU: 832571


In short, the 3 trillion dollar per year clothing industry is the world’s second largest polluter.

Only the oil industry does “better”.

The planet that sustains us, suffers.

Working conditions in the industry are notoriously bad:

Modern slavery, child labour and lethal accidents are no exceptions.

The bigger perspective


The market operates by demand and supply.

So don’t buy what you don’t really need!

a quality product, in all its aspects.
When you do buy, buy a quality, timeless product. It will last a long time.
And make sure it is sustainable and fair (check for labels).
Our relationships, even the more invisible ones, define who we  are.

Take care of your product
Take proper care of your product.
You will add even more years to its lifespan!


Not everyone needs to own everything! We choose not to destroy our overstock.

We either sell it at reduced prices to reach a wider audience or donate it to
local nonprofits or charities run by individuals.
Examples are Payoke, Artsen Zonder Vakantie and a friend’s charity in Senegal.


When you don’t need a product anymore it may still fit the need of someone else.

Quality products can have more than one life cycle.


When a product is done, it may be able to serve as a direct resource for another product.

One of the things we do is donate fabric leftovers and damaged pieces to Berrefonds,

who upcycle them into tiny clothes for parents who lost a new- or stillborn child.


When all other options are
exhausted, be sure to dispose of your products by offering them up for recycling.

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