F.A.A.M Stores

Named after the company’s founders, Froya, Adinda, Arne, Mark,
the F.A.A.M.-stores saw the light of day, as an expansion of the original
froy & dind store.


To complement our stores a brand new showroom was opened in our new head
office to offer our professional clients the same Greenqueens quality treatment. 
To have a wider reach, we also launched a webshop.

We designed our shops and showroom as comfortable, calm, airy spaces with a
natural feel and warmth. This fits our Greenqueens philosophy and complements
the beauty and quality of the products we offer. 
We designed them to offer you a smooth, comfortable shopping experience.
We try to offer an as wide as possible selection of eco & fair products that fit all
sizes and all purposes. This selection grows every season!

In line with our company promise to all our customers we strive to constantly
improve the shopping experience we offer… without pushing up our retail
prices. This means, for example, that some of the furniture in our stores is
custom-made in-house, by hand, by Arne. How very DIY!

F.A.A.M BABY-KIDS | Nationalestraat 76-78, 2000 Antwerpen | +32 (0) 33 44 50 21
tue-sat 11.00-18.00


F.A.A.M WOMEN | Nationalestraat 65, 2000 Antwerpen | +32 (0) 3 226 76 79

tue-sat 11.00-18.00


F.A.A.M MEN | Nationalestraat 63, 2000 Antwerpen | +32 (0) 3 213 37 80

thu-sat 11.00-18.00

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