How it all began.

Our brands have all grown in response to a very personal question: why was it impossible to find beautiful, affordable fashion that took care of people and the environment? Already in 2011 we decided to start with an ethical alternative ourselves and took on a pioneering role in Belgian fashion. It was up to us to prove that things could really be done differently and that we could make the difference with well-considered choices in design, production, transport and packaging.

First there was Froy & Dind.

First there was Froy & Dind. From the start, our first sustainable clothing brand meant a breath of fresh air in the Belgian clothing world with cheerful prints, pleasant fabrics and sustainable production. Since 2011 we designed everything in our own studio in Antwerp where we were inspired by everything that makes life beautiful and valuable for us: our children, small moments of happiness, a colorful collection of little treasures, friends with whom we share joy and suffering.

And so Munoman was born.

After many successful collections for women and children, we were ready to grow further. Because we were increasingly asked by the men around us: and we? And they were right! And so Munoman was born in 2016. A contemporary men's brand with sweaters, shirts and knitwear that is true to our basic principles: honest, high-quality, ecological and Belgian. And for Munoman we add a touch of humor. Every season we enjoy illustrating the joyful prints when designing the new Munoman.

WOMED award.

In 2017, the founder of Greenqueens, Adinda De Raedt, received the prestigious WOMED award from the hands of Queen Mathilde. A great recognition as a female entrepreneur of the year!

Onnolulu as a children's brand.

In 2018 we released a collection of bags made of 100% recycled PET bottles for the first time under the new brand name Onnolulu. Every year we choose cool prints that are favorites of our own children. In the following years Onnolulu slowly grew into a fully-fledged children's brand for happy kids. By 2021 we will bundle all our baby and children's clothing under the brand name Onnolulu and we will retain Froy & Dind exclusively for our strong women's collection.

Green Zoo, bamboo underwear.

In the meantime we had built up so much experience in creating and producing honest, ecological and high-quality fashion that in 2019 we set up another brand with the same philosophy: Green Zoo. Because yes, it is also possible to make sustainable, honest choices in your undergarments. We deliberately choose a timeless, simple collection of the softest underwear in bamboo fibers. And you have to try it, to believe it, but really: ``Once you go bamboo, you never go back!``;)

Aikoo, the youngest member of the Greenqueens family.

In 2020 we proudly present the youngest member of the Greenqueens family: Aikoo. Under Aikoo, we will be bundling all our bags for kids in the coming years. The cheerful prints do not betray that they were made from 100% recycled material, but that is of course true!

Ready for a beautiful, sustainable future

And our story is not written yet. Our small, family team is ready for a beautiful, sustainable future. During our pleasant afternoon breaks, we sometimes fantasize what the world could look like if our corporate philosophy could really become the norm. Because a world in which we would all take care of each other and the environment a little more, don't we all dream of that?