We are happy to provide you an overview of all the sustainable actions that we undertake every day to make our collections fair, qualitative and ecological. Because we are actually quite proud. We have been proving since 2011 that beautiful fashion with respect for people and environment is possible and we hope that you will join our philosophy!

Because you can make a difference. Really! Not only by buying clothing for yourself and your family in a well-considered way, but also in the way you deal with it. We consciously choose top quality so that our clothing lasts much longer than one season and ask you to handle worn clothing in a sustainable way: pass it on to others, donate it to a local charity or recycle it properly.

Together sustainable since 2011.

GOTS label

All our cotton collections receive the international GOTS label. This means that our fabrics meet the strictest conditions for organic production with a minimal impact on the environment. We also meet all requirements for the treatment of our fabrics and we exclude all harmful products. In addition, GOTS also guarantees fair clothing: you are sure that everything was made in good working conditions, without exploitation or child labor. Read all the details about the strict criteria for this label on the GOTS website.


In addition to organic cotton, we often use Tencel® in our collections. With the look of silk and strength of polyester, Tencel® is one of the most ecological raw materials, made from wood chips from the Eucalyptus tree.


Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that’s grown without the use of pesticides and can be harvested up to three times a year with minimal impact on the environment. These natural fibers are also comfortable and anti-allergic.

Well thought packaging

We pack as much as possible in recycled cardboard boxes and only use recycled plastic to package our clothing if necessary. We are constantly looking for ecological alternatives and hope to switch to fully circular packaging as quickly as possible, without any extra waste.

Smart transport

We combine the transport of our collections in a smart way to lower the impact on the environment. We ensure coordinated deliveries both from our suppliers to our central warehouse and to local stores. We prefer to wait a little longer to be able to deliver everything at once, thereby making a clear, sustainable choice.

No overproduction

We work with pre-orders as much as possible so that we know perfectly which quantities to produce. This way we avoid large surpluses that definitely won’t end up in the incinerator or rubbish dump. We carefully give away the small surpluses of earlier collections to wonderful, local initiatives such as CAW Antwerp and 'Berrefonds' - which make clothes for deceased children with our fabrics - or international initiatives such as the social projects in Congo of 'Clemensactie'. In this way we are sure that all our clothing ends up well.

Respect for the people

Thanks to the GOTS label, we can guarantee good working conditions at our suppliers. We think respect for people is extremely important, also in our Headquarters in Antwerp. In our small-scale family business, people are given opportunities to grow and to work in excellent conditions with a good work-life balance. Everyone comes by bike to our centrally located office and that makes us proud.

The advantage of the short chain

Greenqueens is still a small-scale family business that responds quickly to opportunities. We are not dependent on large, complex decision-making structures so that we can guarantee and implement our principles of sustainability, quality and honesty ourselves.


We design all our fabrics ourselves in our own studio in Antwerp. By doing so, we aren't only 100% sure of the quality and the ecological way of production, we can also guarantee you unique prints exclusively for our brands.


We resolutely choose for top quality. Because we are convinced that clothing should last much longer than one season. We choose soft, pleasant fabrics so you can enjoy it for years. And our clothes are easy to maintain, because life is too short to iron for hours every week, right? 😉

Timeless design

Just because we want you to shine in our clothing for a long time, we provide a smart combination of cheerful prints and timeless designs and cuts.